Insurance Carriers & Programs

  • Direct access to carriers capable of handling the most challenging risks
  • Preferred direct appointments with high value markets, exclusively available to select agencies
  • Custom Program Capabilities

Customizable Coverage Limits

  • Uniquely customizable coverage limits and sub-limits throughout the policy form.
  • Compelling deductible options to allow substantial rate decreases when retaining more risk is desired.
  • Premium credits that convert loss prevention devices into lucrative savings
  • Access the broadest policy forms in the industry

Proactive Risk Management

  • Personal in-home consultant based services
  • Security consultations
  • Employee background assessment
  • Preferred network ranging from licensed contractors to claims adjusters to firefighters

Cyber Security

  • Identity Management
  • Cyber extortion protection
  • Cyber Liability
  • Data Breach Protection
  • Digital Privacy

Appraisal Services

  • Home
  • Jewelry
  • Exotic & Collector Automobiles
  • Fine Wine
  • Personal Art Collections
  • Arborist evaluations

Exotic & Collector Policies

  • Fine arts valuation and preservation
  • Expert auto repair network
  • Rare and exotic auto appraisal specialists
  • High quality general and specialty service providers

Protect & Preserve your hard earned assets.

Asset acquisition is a difficult and time-consuming factor in life. Our HNW Services team is dedicated to protecting and preserving your hard earned assets. ISU Stanton develops personalized insurance portfolios based on each estate, each collection, and each client’s unique needs.

Whether your rare collection is mounted on the wall, locked safe in the vault or is parked on all four wheels, we understand the complexities of managing risks that may not be replaceable.

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