The Finer Points of Insuring Fine Arts

Preserve Your Collection

If you are a fine arts collector, antiques expert, or simply like to add authentic, high-value paintings to your home, it is imperative to ensure that each item receives the protection that it deserves.

Accidents such as fire, theft, or natural disaster, can destroy your belongings which would leave you out of pocket and without your valuable investment.

Below are points to keep your art and valuable item insurance policy in sync:

  • Make an inventory of each collectable item you own
  • Calculate the costs: what did you pay, what the item is worth
  • Visit an art expert to get our item appraised
  • If you add a piece, or sell one, be sure to update your insurance company so that your policy is covering what you own!
  • Revise your policy’s limits if your art has greatly appreciated in value.
  • Understand if your insurer will financially compensate you or replace the item if the art was to be ruined.

ISU Stanton, located in California, ensures protection for your art, furniture, and high-valued pieces so that you can keep your collection safe.  The best precaution you can take is prevention, so contact us today to learn about our insurance services!