Protect Your Unique, Classic Car

Your Collectible Car Is Not Just Any Car – Don’t Insure It Like One!

You love your 1957 Corvette. You spent time researching, finding, and preserving it. Not only was this time consuming, but it was costly. So why would you put a classic car on an everyday auto insurance policy? The answer: you wouldn’t.

A classic car’s value will appreciate over time, whereas a typical car’s value will decrease. Due to the high value of the car, most policies assume that your collector item is parked in the garage and is rarely driven, so they calculate a lower risk of accident.

When deciding on an insurance policy for your luxury car, be sure to note what value the insurer marks your car at. The Agreed Value is when you and your insurer come to an agreed vehicle value, whereas the Stated Value is typically less than what the car is worth.

To receive complete, quality coverage on your classic car, contact ISU Stanton today! Our dedicated agents will provide you with the top policy and

To ensure that your luxury car gets complete, quality coverage that it needs and is worth, contact ISU Stanton today! We are located in California, and are dedicated to providing each individual with the perfect classic car insurance!